You’re Not In Control

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Dear friends of Hilton Baptist Church,

I once knew someone who was obsessed with weather.  Yes, he truly was obsessed.  The Weather Channel was his favorite television program and he was an expert in storm patterns, the heat index, tropical depressions and anything else related to the weather.  He would become extremely excited when a blizzard or an ugly thunderstorm was on its way.  The worse the weather the more thrilled he became.

This puzzled me and I asked him, “Why are you so fascinated with the weather?”  He grew serious for a moment and replied, “Because it reminds me that ultimately, we are not in control.  The weather helps me to keep me humble”.

Here’s a thought that may bring you much comfort or a slight amount of distress; you are not in control.  You may set your alarm clock, but the day does not begin and end with you.  You may exercise and eat healthy, but you will not live forever.  You may build all the right defenses, but this does not guarantee protection.  You may make all the proper plans but this doesn’t promise success.  Ultimately, you are not in control.

The cartoon on top from the strip “Calvin and Hobbes” is a humorous, yet profound reminder of the fact that we are not in control.  Calvin thinks he controls the fate of the flowers, but he is drenched in the reality that there is someone bigger than him in charge.

The cartoon on the bottom seems to be a proper response to this reality.  “Thank you” are powerful words.   What greater way to pray and acknowledge that “In God we live, move, and exist.” (Acts 17:28).  The bird in the bottom cartoon seems to get it.

I invite you to say “Thanks” to God sometime today.  I would also invite you to take these cartoons and post them somewhere as a reminder that you are not in control, and to be thankful that God is.  While you’re at it, perhaps you would pray for Hilton Baptist Church too.  We are on a new journey together and we have many things to be thankful for.

With grace and Peace,


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