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Men’s Group

  March 10, 2018

“What happens in the Men’s Group stays in the Men’s group”.  This group is open to all men and meets every other Saturday from 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.  The men get together for fellowship, service, discussion, and growth. Some of the service projects include the Church Work Day and Camp Vick.  The men participate in the […]

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Pastor's Message

Where Angels Appear

  Dear friends and family of Hilton Baptist Church, You never know when or where an angel may show up. This morning I needed to clear the snow off the driveway which had fallen overnight.  The snow blower decided it was too cold to work and refused to cooperate.  I was forced to remove the […]

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Danger of Being a Pastor

Dear Friends and Family of Hilton Baptist Church,   There is a danger in being a pastor.  I don’t think I am the only pastor to experience this but sometimes it feels as if I am.  It is very easy to allow my faith to become something I ‘do’ rather than something that is alive […]

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The Past..The Present..The Future

Dear Friends and Family of Hilton Baptist Church,   I recently spent some time on vacation.  There were a few excursions I wanted to be sure Karen and I took together during this time off.  One of the day trips we planned was a drive to Letchworth State Park.   When we arrived we were […]

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